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Tooth Extractions

Our staff can conduct a tooth extraction to remove the tooth from your mouth before it can cause further damage to your oral health or your remaining teeth when your tooth is so severely damaged that restorative methods cannot rescue it. After that, you and our dentist will decide which kind of replacement is best for your requirements. To schedule an appointment at Crystal River Dental and to find out more about tooth extractions in Waupaca, Wisconsin, please contact our office.

The removal of a tooth is called a tooth extraction. While we try to prevent the necessity for tooth extraction whenever feasible, there are several problems that can make it the best option for restoring the health and function of your smile. If you require one of our great tooth replacement procedures to bring back the health, beauty, and functionality of your smile, we would be pleased to offer it to you.

Several conditions may necessitate tooth extraction. Among these are:

1. Severe infection that has destroyed a significant portion of the tooth and supporting bone structure

2. Serious decay that has damaged a tooth beyond repair, making a successful restoration impossible

3. Crowding caused by too many teeth to properly fit in the mouth

For your dental procedure to be as painless and comfortable as possible, our dentist takes considerable care and competence when extracting a tooth. Detailed post-treatment care instructions will also be given to you so you can properly care for your smile as it heals. We urge you to call or stop by our welcoming dental office now for more details and to set up your individualized consultation. We’re dedicated to making your smile better!